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Online trading scams are rampant and destroying people’s lives. Bitcoin Binary Recovery will help you navigate the complications of recovering your money.
We carefully assess each and every case, so we can provide you with the best possible solution. Don’t let your hard-earned cash go to the scammers- contact our team of financial experts for a consultation today.

Case Assessment For Fraud

Our team of professionals will carefully assess your case, so we can determine the best course of action.

Scam Broker Fund Recovery

Broker Complaint Registry puts you in contact with leading service providers who skillfully navigate the process of recovering your money.

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Forgotten wallet passwords

If you forget or misplace your password, the funds are completely inaccessible. We help you to access many different wallets when you've forgotten your password.

Old wallet versions

If you are not able to open your wallet with the current version of wallet software but you know your password, we can help you to resolve the software problem.

Funds lost in forks

If you have a bitcoin balance that predates the fork, we can provide assistance recovering the funds that were lost in the forked cork.



If the computer or device with your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is infected, let us help you to try to clear the virus without putting your bitcoin cash in jeopardy.

Deleted data

If you accidentally deleted data and you fear your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are lost, the deleted data can often be recovered.

Storage with data

If your coins are stored on mobile phones, computers, USB drives, or hard discs and you cannot access the coins any longer because of a defect in your hardware or software, we can help with data recovery.

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